What Accessories Should I Carry in My Car in Case of Battery Issues?

What Accessories Should I Carry in My Car in Case of Battery Issues

In case of a battery emergency, there are a few things you should keep in your trunk to help you. Of course, you should have things like a portable battery for your phone, but if you are savvy enough to fix it yourself, the following will aid you in that endeavor.

1. Flashlight

You don’t know if your battery will malfunction during the day or night. Regardless, it can be hard to get a good look under the hood without a little bit of extra light. Carry a flashlight with fresh batteries in your trunk, just in case.

2. WD-40

Especially if you have an older car, nuts and bolts might get stuck at inopportune moments. With some WD-40, you will be able to loosen everything right up, so you can continue making repairs.

3. Jumper Cables

Jumper cables are perhaps the most important piece of equipment to have and know how to use. If you are stranded and manage to find a Good Samaritan, you can give your battery a jump. This will give you enough power to get home or to an auto shop.


4. Car Manual

Every car is different and you don’t want to be stumped by car anatomy when you are on the roadside. The manual can help you figure out where to put the jumper cables and find the battery.

Carry these important items with you when you travel so that you’ll be prepared for anything. Visit this website to learn more about what must-have battery accessories in San Diego.


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