What Does Your RV Battery Power?

What Does Your RV Battery Power

How much power does your average RV battery use in a day? What devices can your camper power? Most RVs have 12-volt and 120 volt systems. This translates to using a 12-volt battery when not connected to home or store power. When plugged, the camper will use the 120-volt system to charge the battery and power the vehicle.

The List of Items

What can run off of your RV camper?

  • Lights
  • Water pump
  • Furnace heater fan
  • Refrigerator
  • Televisions
  • A/C
  • Entertainment systems
  • Game consoles
  • Laptops

You can run all of these and many other items off of your RV’s battery power. Chances are that if you can plug in a device to the RV outlet, it will run on the camper’s stored energy. However, you shouldn’t push the limit of your power source. The battery can only give so many amps and a microwave alone will use 15 amps.


Other Power Needs

When it is parked, the camper will use six amps over a 12-hour period. A camper light bulb would use 18 amps total amps. If you have two average batteries, they can give you 80-90 total amps over three days with agreeable weather.

Remember, proper maintenance is key to your power source’s life expectancy. If you do need to replace old batteries, always replace the pair instead of just one at a time. Feel free to upgrade your battery for more capacity or if your battery does not retain charge for the expected amount of time. Visit this website to learn more about camper batteries in San Diego.


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